Norval Williamson & Edwina Francesca
Breath of Heaven
KCD 406
1. Gloria - "Gloria in Excelsis" - Glory in the highest, an ecstatic outpouring of love and rapture accentuated by angelic descant, the choir of heavenly hosts.
2. Maranatha - "Come Lord Come" - Ecstatic spiritual chant followed by elevated melodic spiritual tongues. An invocation to the source of all to embrace the soul of the beloved.
3. Jesu Prayer - The prayer of Jesus the "our father" a loving prayer in song, dramatically presented with intense feeling.
4. Hosah - An Opening To Paradise  - Salvation and spiritual ecstacy. The marriage of the soul with the eternal source of all being. Evokes the rising flight of the soul and the descending of the eternal source to meet the loving soul.
5. Sleep in Great Peace - A personal journey of consolation and healing at the loss of a cherished loved one (in memory of HRH Diana Princess of Wales - may she rest in peace).
6. Pacificas - Evocative and reflective instrumental music.