Ana & Norval Williamson
Secret Gardens
KCD 363
1. Garden of Delight
A meditation for attaining inner peace. Within the garden of delights are all things together in peace and harmony.
"Come into the garden, the garden of delights, your true home, your innermost soul and find true peace and tranquility and reach out and touch its delights."
Soft instrumental music with natural sounds
2. Dolphin Island
Come play with the Dolphins in the warm waters of a sunlight bay. 
Gentle pulsing music with hypnotic thythm and natural Dolphin song.
3. Evensong
Evening, the time of elixir, the time for communing with the eternal. (Contains blackbird twilight song).
4. Sophia - Wisdom
The music of the spheres.
"A beautiful absorbing voyage beyond the physical realms into the metaphysical existence of ecstacy understanding and knowledge"
5. Contemplation
A rising of human conciousness from Earth level to the Heavenly levels culminating in perfect contemplation.
  • Level One:

  • The earth whirling in the void of space with the rhythm beat signifying the existance of man and forest sounds the pulse of life.
  • Level Two:

  • Angelic harps herald the existance of heavenly regions and higher spiritual levels.
  • Level Three:

  • Tolling bells harbingers of joy, tidings of peace and love tolling from lofty spiritual heights.
  • Level Four:

  • In the company of the heavenly hosts infinite angelic voices sing in an eternal utterance of sublime ecstacy

- Total Time 72 minutes -