A Special Series of restful Instrumental Music specifically designed for Healing Use with Beautiful original music,
some of the most restful ever composed, with soporific natural sounds and unique continuous track format.
. ..... Greenstone Lake (KCD 101)

The magic of quiet lapping waters with beautiful tranquil music that promotes peace, 
reflection and tranquility.
Good for healing of trauma and memories, promotes well-being and happiness.

Flowing Waters (KCD 102)

Evocative emotional melody with flowing water sounds that promote inner harmony and emotional release.
Good for therapeutic crying and tears, promotes inner peace.

White Heron (KCD 103)

Inspired by graceful bird flight, promotes release and escape.
Good for Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, body movement and co-ordination work.

Island of Birdsong (KCD 104)

Serene melody with solo flute playing over the waves. Promotes well-being and feelings of contentment.
Good for escape, recreation and feelings of joy.

Toroa Albatross (KCD 106)

Powerful Epic Music with soaring theme that stirs the soul and transports one 
away with the Albatross over the eternal sea.
Good for escape and adventure, promotes soaring of the spirit, positive feelings 
of good expectations.