We are pleased to announce that we now offer a new “Music Healing Service” designed to address your individual healing needs. We offer to design your own “Listening Program” tailored to your individual self after consultation with you by email.

There is no charge for a consultation please visit our order page for further details or contact for a copy of our Music Healing Catalogue.


About Us & Our Music
Ana and Norval travel throughout the Country faithfully recording and collecting Nature Sounds which they blend with their Music creating a unique and beautiful product that portrays not only the Sounds and Spirit of the Wilderness but offers a truly unique uplifting musical experience. Relaxing symmetrical melodies of great warmth and beauty flow from them like the colours of the rainbow providing moments of instant peace and healing naturally unwinding and calming the body, mind and spirit. 

Ana and Norval's Music has won its way into the hearts of the people both in their home Country New Zealand and increasingly around the world achieving first class International Reviews.

Ana and Norval's music will find a place in your heart. A place you will want to go back to again and again.

"My Compositions come to me when I am relaxing with Nature or at the piano. I have been hearing them all my life but only recently have we been able to do anything serious about producing them for others to hear as only recently has the technology been available to do justice to the incredible sounds I have heard.  I have been blessed with Ana who possesses a unique undeniable skill at musical interpretation. Her natural ability has enabled us to present an original and fresh sound which does justice to the beauty of the Natural settings that inspired the music."

Music has great emotional power. Ana and Norval's music unlocks this power providing and instant glimpse of a world of beauty and peace that astounds and delights the heart and can change your way of thinking.