Tranquil Images (KCD 376)

Beautiful Scenic New Zealand is the inspiration for this album of relaxing Instrumental Music recorded with Natural Sounds of Kiwi and other Native Birds and the cool clear waters of New Zealand.

Sanctuary (KCD 002)

A place of refuge. Beautiful Relaxing Music inspired by places of Natural Wildlife Refuge in NZ with natural sounds recorded on location with native birds trickling streams, flowing waters, lapping lakes, gentle ocean and forest sounds.

Reflections (KCD 361)

Quiet reflections in still waters. Beautiful Relaxing Music inspired by and containing sounds of places of natural beauty in NZ. Gentle night sounds, river and mountain sounds, native forests and gardens, river and island sounds. 

Landscapes (KCD 365)

The sounds and inspirations of unique NZ Landscapes with Beautiful Relaxing Music and natural sounds recorded on location; Waterfalls, Summer Rains, Nighttime Sounds, Tranquil Lapping Lakes, Rippling waters and thermal springs. 

Relaxing Christmas (KCD 366)

New Zealand Christmas. The uniqueness of Summertime. 
Christmas in NZ with much loved traditional Carols played in a relaxing style mixed with tranquil NZ natural sounds including: Silent Night with Morepork Owls.