Making Rainbows (KCD 379)

A sampler with 16 tracks of the best of Ana & Norval Williamsons relaxation music inspired by New Zealand with natural sounds recorded on location. 

Remarkables (KCD 416)

A unique souvenir Album born out of a recent tour of the South Island inspired by the scenic grandeur of mountains and passes, lakes, forests and settlements. Captures the spirit of the South Islands remarkable scenic experience. 

Playing With Dolphins (KCD 364)

A Dolphin Adventure. 
Following Dolphins at play in calm coastal waters with lively relaxing instrumental music that captures the spirit and energy of the Dolphin, with Natural Dolphin and whale song and the sea sounds of New Zealand. 

Forest Of Whispering Birds (KCD 371)

 An enchanting experience in the Native Bird Forests of NZ with soft meditative Relaxation Music and gentle birdsong with natural sounds recorded on location. Will fascinate and enchant while you relax and unwind. 

Aotea Interludes (KCD 383)

Relaxing natural interludes performed on soft electric Piano with melodic orchestral accompaniment and New Zealand Natural Sounds. Ideal for a restful relaxing environment. 

Country Piano (KCD 388)

Inspiring Piano Music performed in refreshing percussive style creating lively cascades of sound. Inspired by the country air and fresh spring waters of New Zealand.