Mt Aspiring - Piano Fantasies (KCD 450)

Deep rich solo piano recital with original music inspired by the South Island. Scenic Grandeur. A piano tour complete with waterfalls, craggy mountains and remote fiords.

Mt Aspiring - Musician & album overview, official press release

Relaxing Piano (KCD 392)

The latest Album in Norvals romantic piano series. Uniquely New Zealand Fresh inspirational melodies played in flowing style. This is a solo piano album with lyrical melodies inspired by New Zealand.

Po Kare Kare Ana (KCD 377)

New Zealand Relaxing Piano. Much loved Traditional New Zealand and other standard melodies in Relaxing Romantic Piano style. 

Moonlight Classics (KCD 368)

A Personal Interpretation of famous Piano Classics and modern compositions with unique Orchestral Arrangements and the relaxing sounds of the sea 
Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann, Debussy, Chopin, Bach. 
A fresh and original sound which expresses the many moods of love 

Piano Romance (KCD 362)

Original Solo Piano Melodies 
A very beautiful album of Deep Rich piano music played in romantic flowing style. 
Ideal for creating a romantic setting for those special occasions of love. 

To A Wild Rose (KCD 370)

 A soft and beautiful album of famous lyric piano pieces by the Classical Masters inspired by nature with modern Orchestral interpretations and Natural Outdoor Sounds. 
MacDowell, Beethoven, Greig, Mozart, Debussy. 
A timeless album in Lyric Style with Ana's unique dramatic arrangements. Very relaxing & soothing.